Ravenholt and Associates provides businesses of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to receive sound legal business advice at a reasonable rate. Our firm has been advising businesses for over twenty years. We have been the legal counsel for Television stations to large agricultural operations. We have provided legal advice with television reality stars to get themselves television shows and get paid for their appearances. No matter what your business is, our firm can assist you with all your contract needs.

Contracts are the heart and sole of running a business. Many new businesses discover that they must sign a contract prepared by the other party’s attorney. We provide a sounding board to our client to let them know before signing any contract what the legal terms actually mean. We discuss with our client what their obligations will be from the contract and the pitfalls contained in each agreement. It is well worth the time to have an attorney review a contract before you sign your business to an agreement.

In our consultations, not only do we describe in layman’s terms the legal obligations, we make suggestions on how to improve the agreement to become fairer for our client. With this information, our clients can negotiate a better agreement for their business. We also can take over the negotiations to improve the client’s position as a reasonable rate.

Ravenholt and Associates provides an economical way to obtain sound legal advice at a reasonable rate. Many businesses just purchase the few hours to review a single contract. Other business retains our firm on a monthly retainer to ensure that an attorney knowledgeable of their business is available all the time to handle legal situations at the beginning when they can be resolved at a minimum of cost. Large businesses retain our firm to handle the preparation and on-going maintenance of all their contracts to insure they get the best deal in each and every contract.

So, if you want to just have a single contract looked at or on-going legal advice, Ravenholt and Associates has the experience to handle your business needs. Come in for a free consultation to discuss how we can assist you in growing your business on a firm legal foundation.



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