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Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday:

6 P.M. or 8 P.M.

Saturday & Sunday:

8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

By Appointment Only, Please Call (702) 647-0110

Please Allow Yourself the Time of 1.5 to 2 Hours for your appointment

Services & Pricing Menu

Deep Pore Facials


-Please Permit Yourself 1.5 Hours of Relaxation Time and Enjoy the Experience of a Labor Intensive, Customized Service.

-A Sequential Specialized Process Which May Include Skin Analysis, Ozone Steam, Brushing, Vacuuming, Needs Specific Exfoliation.

-Rich Nutritive Massage To Include The Neck & Shoulders, Luxurious Customized Mask Created for Your Needs of the Moment.

-Protective Layering Of Solutions For Your Receptive Skin.

-An Understanding of Your Skin is of Vital Importance to You.  Please Note this is Not a Product Demonstration but Time for Just You.

-Read More About Facials, Located Under The Services Menu.

  • Back Treatments
  • $125.00 (Mention this Advertisement)
  • -Please Permit Yourself 1.5 Hours of Relaxation Time. Back Treatments, We Got Your Back!
  • -A Full-Comprehensive Treatment for Your Back, Like the Deep Pore Facial, to Include Extractions.  Do You Know What's Back There?

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelashes     $25.00

Eyebrows     $25.00

-A Secret Treatment Sequence of Color Intensification for the Eyelashes and Eyebrows.

-You will be Amazed at how Many More Eyelashes and Eyebrow Hairs You Naturally have. This is a Services I, Personally Will Not Live Without!


Eyebrows     $25.00

Face              $40.00

Arms (Including Hands & Fingers)      $40.00

-At Law Spa We Utilize a Low Heat, Non Irritating Waxing Process.

-To Include Additional Pre-Operational and Post-Operational Care of Your Skin.

-Ladies, Please Remember to Avoid this Service During Your Female Cycle-Time!

Private Make Up Tutorial


-Understand Your Face Through a Make Up Artist's Eyes. Please Allow Yourself the Time of 2 Hours and Plan Something Special for Yourself Afterwards!

-This Process is a Specific Owners Guide to Your Face, an Enlightenment and Appreciation of Your Many Gifts.  A Service to Last a Lifetime.

-The Focus is About You and not Product Sales.

Makeup Application


-We Have Enjoyed Caring for Miss and Mrs. California Beauty Pageant Contestants and Helping Them Develop for Their National Pageants.

-It is Our Pleasure to Care for Brides on Their Very Special Day. It is the Most Fun Helping Others to Discover Their Beauty!

Law Spa Facials FAQ

Law Spa is an exclusive Spa Experience with a closed door policy. We have been doing Facials with over 30 years of experience catering to a discerning clientele. Many spas focus on high volume of clients, with each appointment lasting 45 minutes and following a strict routine. That is not Law Spa. We schedule by appointment only and book in blocks of 90 minutes. This allows us time to prepare for your personalized spa experience.

A true facial is more than just a skin treatment, it is about deep relaxation. This should be a peaceful meditation process with every particular moment devoted entirely to you.  An appointment with us feels almost like a dream, as you relax in our state of the art facility, under our professional care.

This is a labor of love for us, and we enjoy caring for our patients skin as much as our patients enjoy our work. Our passion is making your skin its most beautiful, its most radiant.

Proper skin care is a lifelong process. Many factors can influence the health of your skins. Many people do not have a full comprehension of their skin and its needs. Your skin is your bodies largest functioning organ and is a mirror to your internal workings.

Each person’s skin is unique to them, and will require its own unique treatment to care for its needs.  Decisions we make every day can have significant impact upon your skin. Your lifestyle, nutrition, occupation, health condition, age, hormonal imbalances, and especially in Las Vegas sun damage all conspire to rob your skin of vital nutrients. Even avoiding the sun has its own risks.

Sitting in front of a computer, or TV is not healthy for your skin. You lose circulation, and become sedimentary. All the while you are bombarded by rays from the screen. People also without realizing it purse their lips, squint, or other repetitive actions that can cause creasing and wrinkles.

There is no one size fits all solution for true skin care, and a true practitioner will be able to look at your skin and understand your needs.

Law Spa offers skin rejuvenation, and understanding of the true benefits of skin care. We hand create our own products on site to meet a wide variety of needs for your first appointment. This is a labor intensive, time consuming process, and is our gift to you. Your first appointment is $100.00 and allows us to learn about your individual needs, and if we are right for each other. Once you have had a true facial performed by an experienced artisan you will understand what sets us above, and apart from other spas.

Our facials begin with the latest equipment. We use Ozone steam, brush, and aspirate your skin. From there the real craftsmanship begins as we use our own exfoliants and peels that are created to be time specific. Many of our products we use on site are created shortly before your appointment begins to ensure they are at their most potent when we apply them to your skin. This bypasses the need for preservatives or using aged products.

In consideration of our east meets west philosophy, all products used are specific to your skin’s needs and provided at no additional charge. We are an exclusive establishment and avoid any form of upsells or additional fees. The service we provide is all inclusive. You are there to relax and we will provide everything your skin needs to facilitate your dream spa experience. Our back bar is like a gourmet kitchen, with an extensive collection of specific necessities available at our fingertips. This allows us to treat any area of damage, and begin the healing and rejuvenation process.

After each appointment great care is taken to sanitize everything. Our family has lifetimes of experience in the public health field and it shows in everything we do. Our rooms are not just clean, they are immaculate. For the protection of our clientele we expect nothing less of ourselves. In high volume spas sanitary conditions are difficult to maintain, and we refuse to compromise our exacting standards.  Our passion is serving a small, dedicated clientele year after year because it allows us to provide our customers an experience that is the truest representation of our art.

Your Sanctuary, Rest & Renewal

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